About us

What is IC “Miglė”?

The imitation company (IC) is a model of a business enterprise created for educational purposes for entrepreneurship education, imitating the activities of a genuine business in the areas of employee management, accounting, procurement, sales and marketing, as well as in business processes in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, Government resolutions and other normative documents. IB imitates the activities of genuine trading / manufacturing companies and reflects all the processes in the real business. They do not use real money and real material goods.

While working in IC, students and students try to solve work-related problems independently, implement their ideas and plans, and practice their work in a business company.

IC “MIGLE” is a mimicry company of Vilnius College, which started its business since 1994. September 28 The main activities of the company are trade in confectionery and entertainment. IB actively participates in fairs, is a participant of many competitions and a winner not only in Lithuania, but also abroad.

Mission – to deepen the practical skills of business students in the field of management studies, ensuring successful business activities.

Vision – to be reliable, creative, constantly improving IB and successfully co-operate with partners in Lithuania and abroad.

Objectives – to rise the qualification of employees, to discover new potential clients as well as to get the most profits possible.