Art therapy is based on the notion that our works can
help understand who we are and help us express
feelings and ideas that we can not express with the help
of words. Not only does it provide us with great pleasure
and aesthetic satisfaction, it also promotes
self-knowledge, educates us as personalities, enlivens
sensitivity and, above all, heals the body and soul.

Art therapy is a free and spontaneous participation in
the creative process of the arts, without any prejudices
and innate skills. When you do this activity you do not
even have to know how to draw. During the activity,
unpredictable game is played with art supplies and
techniques. The goal is to get to know yourself, not to
create valuable work. For many years, hidden emotional
problems are not easy for a person to take and tell. The
drawing makes it easier and safer to feel. While drawing,
internal conflicts, childhood memories, and various
feelings begin to emerge from a person‘s subconscious.
Art therapy allows people to reveal their unrecognized
abilities, talents, find new ways for solving problems, and
gain strength.

With Art therapy we seek to improve
employees‘ well being and express
emotions, thoughts on a sheet of paper
so that the work day would be
emotionally less tense and easier.

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Price per person 10 €